Meet Our Studs

Supreme Champion Luan's Azanabengals Charmed Cussler (IMP)
[Black/Brown Spotted Tabby]

Sire: Koppiekatz Kool Kat of Azana X
Dam: Jabarra's Fine Satin of Azana

[Koppiekatz Kool Kat of Azana : Best top 10 Bengals 2006—USA]
We imported this lovely stud from Azanabengals in Canada. He is a brown spotted tabby Bengal and we would like to thank Shiela Love for letting us have this boy. Cussler is a real attention seeker and will follow you around where ever you are - real stalker. The glitter on his pelt is astonishing. What makes him more special is the hair on his nose that forms a triangular shape. This is his "trademark". So far all of his kittens had this same shape.
Supreme Champion
Gogee's Fools Gold of Luan's (IMP)
[Black/Brown Spotted Tabby]

Sire: Gogee's Sundaze Child X
Dam: Gogees Break O Dawn
We imported Fool's Gold from the well known breeding cattery, Gogees in the USA. It took quite a while to convince Gene Ducote to send us one of her gorgeous cats. Well, all went well after that and I have to admit that Fool's personality is so fantastic. He is this huge teddy bear and I just want to hug him each time I see him. Thank you Gene!
Supreme Champion
Jungletrax Just Do It of Luan's (IMP)
[Black/Brown Spotted Tabby]

Sire: RW SGC Jungletrax Just Rewards X Dam: Jungletrax Satin Swagger
We couldn't be more blessed with Letrax. Udo and Anke Mahne, thank you so much for this outstanding boy. We didn't know you for long, but your kindness and trust will always be treasured. Thank you for sending Letrax to us. We wish you all that is kind and well in Australia.
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