Meet Our Queens

Luan's Bushveld Galaxy (ASAA)
[Black/Silver Spotted Tabby]

Sire: Silverglam Phantom of Bushveld X
Dam: Bushveld Emerald
Thank you so much Ansie Davies from Bushveld Bengals for entrusting this special cat to us. Galaxy is our first silver Bengal and what a joy! She is a real lap cat and has the most loveable personality. When she had her first litter and they were allowed to go outside for playtime, she loved it to carry her kittens' toys outside. She is the first one to welcome you home every evening. She is one of those cats you immediately fall in love with and will leave a permanent paw print on your soul.
Supreme Champion Luan's Bamboo
[Black/Brown Spotted Tabby]

Sire: Sp. Ch. Luan's Azanabengals Charmed Cussler X
Dam: Gr. Ch. Luan's Canicspots Vesper
Bamboo is the territorial drama queen. She is patrolling her territory and beware one of the other cats who dare to enter her space. As much as she is a loving cat, she is the one that most resembles the trade of a wild cat when she walks. She spend most of her time with her retired mom, Canicspots Vesper, and our 2 dogs.
Champion Luan's Twilight
[Black/Brown Marble]

Sire: Sp. Ch. Gogees Fool's Gold of Luan's X Dam: Luan's Bushveld Galaxy (ASAA)
Twilight is a talker like her dad. Always having a conversation and answering all your questions. She is also a demanding cat, waking us every morning at 05:00, demanding her attention. She is a wonderful mom to her kittens and we are so proud of her.
Luan's Kauai
[Black/Silver Marble]

Sire: Sp. Ch. Luan's Azanabengals Charmed Cussler X
Dam: Luan's Bushveld Galaxy (ASAA)
Kauai can be described with two words – little thief. She is the cat with the most interesting personality. She will steel whatever she can get her little paws on. Her special interest is the bread bin. She can spend almost all of her time playing with a bun, leaving crumbs and the remaining pieces of "artwork" for us to admire. She is the quiet little cat but I think that usually suits an artist?
Luan's Painted Arrow aka Jet
[Black/Brown Marble]

Sire: Sp. Ch. Gogees Fool's Gold of Luan's X Dam: Luan's Bushveld Rosemary (ASAA)
We registered Jet as Luan's Painted Arrow because she reminded us of a painting and has a golden arrow shape between her shoulders. We had quickly think of another name to call her on and Jet suits this 27/4 active Bengal. We never have to guess how she feels because she will always let you know when she is upset, when she wants something or when she is just in a happy playful mood. She is so easy to get along with.
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